Board Of Directors

Jordache Wee
Founder & CEO,
BLNBRD (Blackest Night | Brightest Day)

Born 1987, graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts, Communication & Media Management from University of South Australia in 2010. Obtained his diploma in communication in journalism major in 2008.

Since 1997, the internet was his second home before he started blogging in 2000. Soon the revolution of the internet world evolved into what the world know as Web 2.0.

In 2007, he established a personal blog then subsequently turning his blog into a magazine blog where he learnt HTML, CSS, XML, XHTML by himself to design a better blog layout and embedding widget codes such as RSS feeds and subscription to garner readership.

An anomaly individual who grinds into Comics, Manga, Anime, B-Movies Cult, Splattering Blood + Gore Slasher Films, Spaghetti Western, Star Wars, Yakuza, 70s – 80s Horror Flicks, Motorcycles, Arts Stuff, Video Games, Heavy Metal.

He is the founder and blogger @: