Burlesque (2010) – REVIEW

by Jordache Wee

Release Date: November 24, 2010
Directed by: Steven Antin
Music by: Linda Perry, Sia Furler, Samuel Dixon, Christina Aguilera, Diane Warren, C. “Tricky” Stewart, Claude Kelly
Starring: Cher, Christina Aguilera, Eric Dane, Cam Gigandet, Julianne Hough, Alan Cumming, Peter Gallagher, Kristen Bell, Stanley Tucci, Dianna Agron, Glynn Turman, David Walton, Terrence J, Chelsea Traille, Tyne Stecklein, Tanee McCall, Blair Redford 

Alice “Ali” Rose (Christina Aguilera) quits her job as a waitress in pursuit of her dream to be a singer-on-stage in future. She travels to Los Angeles and tries to secure a job and a new home, but things seems fruitless. As she was walking down the streets, the Burlesque Bar caught her attention.

Bartender Jack (Cam Gigandet)

In there, she approaches Tess (Cher), the owner of Burlesque Bar but she was ignored. So Ali talks to a bartender named Jack (Cam Gigandet) and tries to use him to get Tess attention. She became a temporarily waitress. Tess is surprised that Jack allows her to do that.

Sean (Stanley Tucci) and Tess (Cher) amazed with Ali's audition

One of the dancer, Georgia (Julianne Hough) was pregnant and Tess has no choice but put on an audition to replace her. Ali auditions for the role. At first, Sean (Stanley Tucci) andTess did not really like it until she hears her sing with a strong voice. Tess finds her unique with an unusual potential talent and Ali is hired.

Ali also found a place to stay but her apartment was robbed and she puts a night out at Jack’s home. They had their own funny moments of regulations. Ali feel safe with Jack because she assumes he is gay because he wears make-up. Jack denies that he is gay simply because the make-up is part of the show for the working environment.

Alice "Ali" Rose (Christina Aguilera) is a rising star

One night, Nikki (Kristen Bell) was drunk and sober and she was replaced by Ali. And believing that no one is allowed or can replaced her, she turns off the music so Ali can not go on without the music.  The girls at Burlesque only does lip-syncing together with the music but Ali is different. But what Nikki did not know is, Ali can sing well. Her voice shuns everyone at the tables. Therefore, becoming the new starlet in the bar.

Successful businessman Marcus Gerber (Eric Danes) buys her gifts to date her. She becomes even more famous when she is with him. Originally, he was dating Nikki. And Nikki becomes jealous and furious and rivals with Ali.

Back at Jack’s home, he warns Ali that Marcus is not a good man as he is simply trying to use her so as he can buy Tess’ Burlesque and build his hotels facing the sea. Ali disregard him and continues to be with Marcus.

Recently, Jack was upset that he just broke up with his long distance relationship girlfriend because of Ali. In the beginning, it was not nothing until at some point, he feels that he is in love with her.

When Ali heard about Burlesque is being tried to be bought by Marcus, she realizes that Jack was not jealous but telling the truth about the sneaky businessman. Ali confronts and confess her love to Jack. And they make up together.

Ali came out with an idea to prevent Burlesque from shutting down by selling the air rights to Marcus’ business rival. Burlesque Bar never had to close down and Tess made profit and keeping her bar alive. Ali continues to work at Burlesque.

Reviewer’s Note:
Burlesque will remind you of Showgirls (1995) in many ways except this one comes with Cher and Christina Aguilera bringing a stage of songs and no nudity scenes. There’s a weird romance going on in between.

But I just don’t know how to rate this film. It’s just another musical film + Showgirls.

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