Renaissance: Paris 2054 (2006) – REVIEW

by Jordache Wee

Release Date: March 15, 2006
Directed by: Christian Volckman
Music by: Nicholas Dodd
Starring: Patrick Floersheim, Laura Blanc, Virginie Mery, Gabriel Le Doze, Marc Cassot, Rick Warden, Bruno Choel, Kevork Malikyan, Marc Alfos, Chris Bearne, Lachele Carl, Radica Jovicic, Breffni McKenna, Daniel Craig, Catherine McCormack, Romola Garai, Jonathan Pryce, Jerome Causse, Ian Holm, Pax Baldwin, Wayne Forrester, Julian Nest, Sean Pertwee, Jessica Reavis, Nina Sosanya, Leslie Woodhall 

The year is 2054, Ilona Tasuiev (Viriginie Mery/Romola Garai), a young female scientist who worked for a megalomaniac corporation called Avalon was kidnapped.

Ilona Tasuiev (Virginie Mery/Romola Garai) captured and confined in a virtual room by Dr. Muller

Thus, Avalon corporation puts pressure on Barthélémy Karas (Patrick Floersheim/Daniel Craig)- a policeman who specialized in abductions, to find her alive as soon as possible.

Karas is a moody and violent police specializing in kidnapping cases shows a boundless selflessness and also to the extend of which he sometimes breaking the police code.

Barthélémy Karas (Patrick Floersheim/Daniel Craig)

The key to his obsession with finding missing people lies mysterious somewhere in his past. And he is the only person who is in charge of finding Ilona’s whereabouts.

However, the mission gets more dangerous and important when other people tries to get to her first.

Ilona is an intelligent young woman is involved in a conspiracy where she has found the secret to immortality.

Karas recalls a conversation with Dr. Jonas Muller (Marc Cassot/Ian Holm) and Dr. Nakata (Robert Watson Barr) on the mistake they made when he found how the disappearance of the young children is somehow related to the secret project for immortality known as “The Renaissance Protocol”.

Reviewer’s Note:
Renaissance is not your typical animation.  A simple black and white like Sin City with specific bright colors for a specific item. 

A combination of The Matrix animation + Sin City + A Scanner Darkly makes the film interesting. Excellent dark and bloody plot too.

According to Wikipedia, the producers used motion capture and computer graphics to create the film’s unique look.

The cast performed their scenes in motion-capture suits in front of a blue screen. Computer animators translated these animations to digital models used for the characters.

The animated characters were placed in three-dimensional computer backdrops, with post-process effects added to achieve the film’s final look.

French automaker Citroën designed a car specially for the film, imagining what a Citroën might look like in 2054.

The film cost 14 million € to make over six years. It was funded by Disney with 3 million USD provided from Miramax.

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