Tian An Men (2009) – REVIEW

by Jordache Wee

Original Mandarin Title: 天安门
Release Date: August 31, 2009
Directed by: Ye Daying
Language: Mandarin
Music by: Xu Xiangrong
Starring: Pan Yueming, Guo Keyu, Xu Xiaoling, Xin Peng, Lin Pai, Liu Jiaoxin, Noboru Shinoda, Sun Zhen, Jin Yi, Wang Yingxin

Tian An Men is a simple story revolving around the actual events following the end of the Liberation War in 1949. The Forbidden City requires a facelift of the communist regime image.

Soldiers must brainstorm with brilliant ideas to create a formidable design such as the the creation of a Chinese flag and how to commemorate the day since Chairman Mao will be in present on its opening.

Using every resources and expertise from various background these each soldiers came about, they decided to devise a huge red lantern which as a part of the welcome ceremony. They seek an old man whose expertise is making sustainable lanterns for centuries since his ancestors serve the Chinese emperors.

The event is on its crucial time as they tried their best to make things concrete. There are some events where during the construction, things do not goes well.

On its opening, Chairman Mao was present to greet and congratulates every soldier for their effort in building China a reputation.

Reviewer’s Note:
Tian An Men is based on the true events of the cultural revolution. This film does not show the communism ideology rather it has shown us how unified are the friendship between its soldiers into team-building to develop something they are proud of.

I am pretty sure many would thought that this film is some sort of communism ideology. Well not really, perhaps it is shown on their uniform and The Forbidden City location. Other than that, there’s nothing more but a good history lesson.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a trailer on YouTube regarding this film. But if you are interested, you may check some previews at various websites.


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