Payne & Redemption (2007/TBA) – REVIEW

by Jordache Wee

Release Date: TBA
Directed by: Fergle Gibson
Music by: Justin R. Durban
Starring: Nigel Billing, John Mangan, Kylie Cushman

I am Max Payne

A British-made independent film written and directed by Fergle Gibson has gained recognization from Finnish writer, Sam Lake – who wrote the critical acclaimed  Max Payne and Max Payne 2 videogames.

A short trailer in different sequence was developed and posted on the internet has attracted more than 84 million unique hits since 2007.


The project was announced in 2005 with its working title – Payne & Redemption has gathered many discussion in various websites and forums and drawing 20th Century Fox’s attention when they feel the film would be a threat to the one starring Mark Wahlberg.

Reviewer’s Note:
Payne & Redemption is stated to be still under development but there has not been any progress since the release of both theatrical trailers. But I look forward to this Max Payne which seems to be more precise to the game than Wahlberg’s version. 😉


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